The Image Cella-184 (1)Hello!

Thanks for visiting my website.

How would I describe myself?

Well, I love to speak (a lot!) and have been public speaking for many years to audiences around the world. I also help and train others in presenting skills – giving them the confidence to share their message.

I am a passionate fundraising professional and work with Transplant Australia to help develop meaningful and long-term beneficial partnerships.

I advocate and promote the benefits of organ donation and the success of transplantation. I received a kidney from my Mom 25 years ago – the most precious gift of life. The best way i can thank her is to make every moment count!

I also have a new and growing ladies golfwear business that I founded with my friend Shannan called Red Belly Golf. Check out http://www.redbellygolf.com

On a personal note

When I am not working, I play golf. I also love to travel with my golfing husband to beautiful islands, visit family in the Northern Hemisphere and travel widely around Australia, the country I call my home.

I love a great latte and my home and wardrobe is filled with animal print.

Make it Count!

Make It Count - front coverEver since I nearly lost my life to kidney failure at the age of 20, I have been determined to make every moment count.

To mark the 22nd anniversary of receiving my life-saving kidney transplant, I published my autobiography, Make it Count! This book which only took me 20 years to write (seriously!) shares my experience of coping with the diagnosis of kidney failure and how I rebuilt my sporting and business careers. The book is available on Amazon and even has a few fairly good reviews. :-)

This year I am celebrating 25 years of living with ‘Bernie the Bean’ and will be challenging myself to celebrate life in 25 ways. You can find out more at http://www.helenhaynesconsulting.com/celebrating25years