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The POWER of Orange

intensityOrange is one of my favourite branding colours. I use it to convey my sense of fun and energy and hopefully it is an engaging colour for my audience.

The colour orange is a warm colour that encourages joyful thoughts and increases serotonin – the substance responsible for feeling good.

By adding a splash of orange to your outfit, you will bring a sense of fun and warmth to your talk.

The colour is linked to creativity and freedom. Let your nerves go – embrace the joy of speaking and sharing your message!

Life Works - Hot Or#1C2BEC2-1Orange will also give you a boost if you are feeling a little tired. It is a natural pick-me-up and will make you feel good and ready to speak.

So if you are trying to decide what to wear, throw on an orange top or cardi, add an orange tie or just throw on a few orange accessories. You will be glad you did!

Do you like and use the colour orange in your branding or talks?


The Power of Colour – RED!

The Power of Colour can transform your speeches and how to present yourself on stage and in many networking situations. Over the course of the next month or so I will share my colourful tips to help you engage and connect with your audience.

Colour can affect you physically and mentally. If it can affect you, it can affect your audience too. What you wear when you speak can either enhance your talk or detract from it. It is worth considering the power of colour whenever you give a speech.

Why not use it to your advantage and give yourself the best chance of engaging with your audience and sharing your important message.

Companies think a lot about the colours they use to market and advertise their brand. It is a vital component of their branding and the colours are chosen specifically to influence the consumer. Put aside your thoughts on what colours suit you – that is another discussion entirely and I believe that it should be taken into account – however this is about how a colour can enhance your talk and make it more powerful.

Let’s start at the beginning… Red, is the first colour on the spectrum. It is known as the base colour. The characteristics of red are that it’s hot and fast. It increases the blood pressure and warms you up. It brings energy and passion.

ChrysanthemumThis is a great colour to wear if you want to give a passionate speech. Your audience will feel the energy. If you add a splash of red to your outfit, you will be conveying strength, courage and action. It also says ‘Don’t mess with me!’ which could be a good or bad thing. :-) Basically, red shows strength of character and confidence.

Adding a little splash of red to your talk will ‘anchor’ a feeling of courage, strength and even help to get that oxygen moving swiftly around the body. Nothing provides a better energy boost (and calmness) than good deep breathing!

How can you add a bit of red to your talk? If red is not your colour (we are back to what suits you!) why not wear a colour that goes well with red, like navy, black, lime green or white and than add a couple of red accessories such as a chunky bangle, red necklace or even a funky red ring.

You could add a red belt or even red shoes – your feet are far enough away from your face that it won’t affect the colour palette issue. For the guys, a red tie will look great with a grey suit or maybe pop a red hankie in your pocket. A red shirt might be a step too far, but dark red can look great.

If the idea of wearing red is too much and you still want that zing of energy, invest in a red water bottle or add notes with red backs to them so that the audience gets flashes of red for the right reasons. You will also know you have that little spice of red around.

Try it when you give your next speech. You might be surprised by how red can affect you and the people you are talking to.

I would love to hear about your red results: did it warm up your talk and give you the energy you needed to deliver?

Do let me know and happy presenting!

We can all stand up and talk, but how do you actually engage with your audience and make The Image Cella-170sure that they actually understand and grasp what you are saying? Whenever you give a speech, no matter how long or short, you need to take your audience on a journey with you. Each speech is like a mini story and should be told with enthusiasm and energy. Here are my top tips for engaging your audience effectively and making sure they remember you and what you are sharing with them.

1. Make a good first impression. Your audience will decide whether they like you within the first few seconds of seeing you walk to the front or onto the stage. Dress well and in a style that suits you and the occasion.

2. Smile! Look like you are happy to be there and excited about sharing your message – no matter what the content or how serious the topic is.

3. Make positive, confident and definite gestures. When you move naturally and use the space around you, it will enhance your message and make you more relaxed. It is also easier to watch someone who moves rather than someone who stands stiff and still.

4. Look at your audience, and I mean really look at them. Maintain good quality eye contact and ignore all those people who said you should focus on a point at the back of the room! Make sure you engage with the front row – they are sitting there to be close to you. Let them in.

5. Use a variety of tones of voice during your talk. This keeps your speech interesting and easier to absorb. Monotone or too high pitched and your audience will either fall asleep or want to run for the door! If you remember that each speech is like a conversation…how would you talk to your friend or a group of friends? That is how you should deliver the talk.

The best way to be engaging and energetic on stage is to remember to be yourself. An audience will engage with you best if you are honest and enthusiastic about your topic. Even the most dull subjects can be interesting if you show your passion.

Treat every speech as a conversation, whether you are speaking to 10, 100 or 1000 people. The audience will react positively and feel connected to you and your message.

Good luck and do let me know if these top tips helped you to engage more enthusiastically with your audience. I would love to hear about your public speaking experiences.