Helen speaks with passion and enthusiasm. She shares her life experiences with candour and humour to encourage audiences to think about their own life journeys and how they can work towards achieving ultimate fulfilment and success.

Helen began her public speaking career at the age of 22, just a few months after receiving a life-saving kidney transplant from her mother. Kidney failure ended Helen’s tennis career aspirations and shattered her young dreams. However, she never lost her determined spirit and fought her way back to living a full and varied life of travel, sport and career success.


Giving a talk to Hudson Park High School, South Africa

Her first speech was to 900 students at her former high school and it fueled her desire to make a difference in the world by speaking, fundraising and campaigning for causes close to her heart.

Helen has a unique presentation style. She is relaxed, conversational and yet extremely passionate – ensuring she engages with with her audience and leaves a lasting and positive impression.

Helen’s mission is to inspire others to overcome their own challenges in life, redefine their goals and achieve personal success.

  • Present with POWER – ┬áHelen shares the POWERful steps required to present with more passion, power and persuasion. Helen goes through each of the 5 steps with analogies, humour and top tips to take away. Suits business networking events, corporate training days and staff team days. Even experienced speakers will enjoy the benefit of these effective methods and Helen’s approach to public speaking success.
  • ABC of success – Helen shares her personal ABC of success which include Attitude, Belief and Confidence. She shares her own story of overcoming kidney failure and how the ABC helped her not only cope with her new reality but rebuild her life and find ultimate success and fulfilment.
HH speaking farnboroughHelen is available to speak at your special event, corporate function, conference or meeting. She will delight your audience and adapts her speeches to match the occasion.
She is also an experienced MC having lead events at Winchester Cathedral and conferences on business strategy and growth.

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I have seen first hand the effect that Helen’s speeches have on people. Her deliver is not only passionate and professional, but honest and confident. Helen possesses that unique blend of excitement, warmth and composure. A truly motivating individual!

– Anne Paver | Permira conference, Guernsey, Channel Islands


Farnborough biz talkHelen’s talk yesterday evening was fantastic – she is an amazing speaker and is an excellent example of her powerful method for effective and entertaining public speaking. Thank you Helen – I am now going to approach public speaking from a whole new angle – an plans to enjoy it!

Janet | Present with POWER talk – London, United Kingdom


Amazing event, for me it was very inspiring. I am so glad to know that someday I will be able to actually love public speaking.

– Louisa | Present with POWER talk – London, United Kingdom


Helen has a wonderful positive energy and great sense of humour. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to all of Helen’s wonderful hints and tips on how to conquer the fear of public speaking.

– Suzanne Erricker | Business Owner – Suffolk, United Kingdom


As a public speaker Helen speaks on a far reaching range of topics. Her ability to story tell with a great sense of humour is one of her many qualities. She has a unique style that enthuses and captivates the audience.

– Kerry Kyriacou | Business Advisor and Coach, United Kingdom



Border Kei Chamber mtg

I was so excited to hear Helen’s story as I always idolised her sporting achievements growing up. Helen did not disappoint, she was so real, entertaining, honest and inspiring. I was glued to every word, not only because I was interested in the story but also because I was intrigued at how she captured the audience’s attention so quickly and wish so much ease.

During the presentation I thought of so many people who I wished had attended the presentation as I believe they could have benefited from the motivation she shared.

Thank you Helen, you made a difference by making it happen!

– Bonnie Currin | Border Kei Chamber meeting, South Africa