If you are serious about improving your public speaking skills you need to ensure you receive adequate training and support. Becoming a more confident and effective speaker takes time, practice and training.

My training workshops and courses are designed to help develop confidence, improve your technique and provide valuable feedback and practice in order to perfect your public speaking skills.

Present with POWER is a unique program designed to ensure you reach your goals and help you fall in love with public speaking.

Present with POWER will help you to:
  • unlock your Passion,
  • Overcome your fears,
  • Win with Words,
  • Engage with enthusiasm
  • Respond and react to an audience of any size or type.

Noosa workshop

Speeches should be smooth, impactful and enlightening conversations – leaving both you and your audience inspired and fulfilled.

Present with POWER courses are designed to help you make the most of every speaking opportunity. The groups are limited in size to ensure individual attention and maximum content. I ensure that there is plenty of practical activity, sharing and feedback. You will leave feeling ready to stand up and give a powerful speech.

What can you expect to learn in a course:
  • clarify your message
  • construct your speech so that it flows
  • how to deliver your speech like a pro
  • confidence building techniques
  • develop a strategy for managing nerves
  • use engaging body language
  • manage presentation equipment and props
  • handle difficult questions and audiences

Please contact me to discuss your needs. All courses can be adapted to your business and can be run on site or at a remote location. | 0404 414183


A really great morning.

It’s remarkable how Helen’s training techniques have helped transform people’s confidence and empowered them to speak to large audiences.

Helen’s enthusiasm is infectious. She is very good.

I left feeling far more confident.


Thank you so much…it was illuminating…thanks to your wonderful experience and expertise!

– Anna Poyner | Natural Healer, United Kingdom


Helen is delightful and very, very good. Even if you are confident and have no problems with public speaking, it’s still really worthwhile. You won’t regret it. On top of that it’s good fun and you will be surprised how much you learn about yourself.

– Lianne Warnsteeker | Noosa, Australia


I didn’t believe that Helen could alter my confidence about public speaking in a few hours, but I was wrong. I marvel at how she brought a new Misti to the surface and how I now speak in rooms full of strangers.

– Misti Bushell | Holistic Practitioner, South East England


Felicity roundThere was a time when 15 minutes or even 5 minutes of public speaking would have felt like a year. At my last talk, I nearly ran out of time because I was enjoying the experience so much. The practice and feedback at your sessions was hugely helpful and encouraging. When asked, ‘If you could be anything you wanted to be, what would you choose?’ my answer used to be a ‘motivational speaker’. That seemed like the most far-fetched, outrageous, unlikely, scary thing imaginable. Now it is looking like a wonderful and achievable goal.

– Felicity Bunt | Senior Services Management, West Sussex, United Kingdom


jackie roundHelen oozes confidence and I was inspired to join her workshops and improve my public speaking. Within only 3 classes I had improved. She taught us various techniques in a fun and easy to learn way.

– Jackie Sharp | Co Prom Ltd, West Sussex, United Kingdom