One of the best ways to improve your presentation skills is by engaging with a coach and benefit from dedicated 121 mentoring and support. If you speak regularly, you need quality feedback and evaluation to ensure that you are improving and not slipping into bad habits. Very few people will tell you what you are doing wrong and sometimes it takes a coach to refine your skills and take your speaking to another level.

By overcoming your fears, particularly if they are hampering your progress and development you will have the confidence to deliver great speeches, every time. The management of nerves and the ability to handle the stress of speaking to large audiences takes time, practice and special techniques.

I draw on my NLP training and personal experience to help you to gain confidence and become more relaxed and at ease with the microphone or stage.

By working with me individually, you will move forward and reach your goal of becoming a more powerful speaker faster.

2The Power Prep program can be achieved in 1 to 3 months and provides you with indepth coaching, mentoring and training on all aspects of your speech delivery. You will benefit from:

1. Speech preparation and discussion on the topic

2. Fear busting and confidence boosting exercises

3. Body language training and techniques to engage your audience

4. Styling and colour enhancing techniques

FREE introductory session with full planning and discussion of your goal

5 x 1hr coaching sessions in person or over the phone

2 x practice speeches, including recording and evaluation


1The Intensity Program is a popular option for those who have just under a month to their next talk. Often we struggle to get the planning in early and this is the optimum time to start working on your speech and how you will deliver it. You will benefit from:

1. Speech preparation and evaluation of content

2. Body language techniques to improve your delivery and engagement with the audience

3. Colour enhancing techniques to engage your audience and deliver with impact

4. Practice with feedback to reduce nerves and manage delivery

FREE introductory discussion and planning session

3 x 1hr private coaching sessions over the phone or in person depending on location

1 x practice speech with evaluation


3It is never to late to prepare for a speech, the Panic Program can help you address those last minute nerves and ensure you are ready for your talk. You will benefit from:

1. Speech evaluation and last minute adjustments to add impact

2. Delivery checklist and tips on engagement

3. Confidence boosting techniques

4. Styling and colour for impact

2 x 1hr private coaching sessions over the phone or in person depending on location



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Julie roundI chose to work with Helen having struggled with the fear of public speaking since childhood (a good 30 plus years!). When I met Helen I immediately warmed to her vivacious and positive character and after seeing her present at a meeting, thought that she may be able to help me, which she has.

I have only tried the ‘quick fix’ routes before, such as hypnosis and NLP, neither of which worked for me. Helen gets to the root of the problem and helps to build a foundation and a structure for improvement. I have had to face my demons and practice different techniques and tools that she has given me.

I am more prepared to give it a go now rather than run for the exit. I am still not quite there, but have some positive speaking experiences under my belt, all thanks to Helen.

– Julie Harrison | Business Development Manager, United Kingdom


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