The POWER of Orange

intensityOrange is one of my favourite branding colours. I use it to convey my sense of fun and energy and hopefully it is an engaging colour for my audience.

The colour orange is a warm colour that encourages joyful thoughts and increases serotonin – the substance responsible for feeling good.

By adding a splash of orange to your outfit, you will bring a sense of fun and warmth to your talk.

The colour is linked to creativity and freedom. Let your nerves go – embrace the joy of speaking and sharing your message!

Life Works - Hot Or#1C2BEC2-1Orange will also give you a boost if you are feeling a little tired. It is a natural pick-me-up and will make you feel good and ready to speak.

So if you are trying to decide what to wear, throw on an orange top or cardi, add an orange tie or just throw on a few orange accessories. You will be glad you did!

Do you like and use the colour orange in your branding or talks?


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